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Pre-Registration Information

Pre-Registration Information (Please complete prior to interview)

Acceptance of any student is subject to an interview with the Principal. Thorough, accurate completion of this form prior to the interview is requested. At least one parent or legal guardian must be present for the interview. Participation of both parents, if possible, is requested. All children to be enrolled must accompany the parent(s) before admission decisions can be made.

The Baptismal Certificate and the most recent Report Card should be brought to the interview session.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering Corpus Christi Classical Academy. We invite you to take a tour of the Academy. To get the most of the tour, you may also want to consider shadowing for a day. This would enable you and your child to understand how the Academy works and if the set-up would be suitable for your needs.


Pre-Registration Form

Please call 502-722-8090 to set up an appointment!