Corpus Christi
Classical Academy


Corpus Christi Classical Academy is proud of its complete fine arts program with excellent instruction in art, music, and drama by talented and award winning teachers.


The children explore the use of various techniques including, but not limited to, sketching, painting, watercolor, and sculpture. All students at all levels are taught art and music appreciation.


Students at all levels are exposed to the greatest composers and their compositions. All students will become familiar with the rudiments of music through taking up instruments. In the Pre-Kindergarten classes and lower grades, the bells are used. In upper levels, depending on the grade, students will be playing various instruments including orchestral instruments.

Third and fourth graders learn the recorder
Fifth through Twelfth graders learn the violin


Students have the opportunity to learn aspects of drama in the production and performance of plays that correspond with history and literature studies, as well as in the traditional All Saints Day presentations.

The Story of Jesus' Birth was performed by the 1st and 2nd grade class
These statues of saints came alive to tell their story on All Saints' Day!
5th and 6th graders perform "The Christmas Coat"


Students participate in various sports, including basketball, swimming, and cross country.

Field Trips

Always of an educational and/or service value.

The third and fourth graders enjoy a day at the pumpkin patch at Gallrein's Farm

Best New Delegation at KYA out of 1,000 participants!

Perfect North
As a Lenten project this year, Mrs. Simon's class made a presentation and handed out Blessed Miraculous Medals to the 5th and 6th grade classes at Saint Margaret Mary's school in Louisville.