Corpus Christi
Classical Academy

School Board

Corpus Christi Classical Academy is governed by a Board of Directors. Directors are practicing Roman Catholics who adhere to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, partake of the Sacraments, share the mission and educational philosophy of Corpus Christi Classical Academy and agree to sign a faith statement.

Board members serve for a term of three years, but they may be successively re-elected. New members may be selected and solicited for service by a Nominating Committee or by the affirmative vote of a majority of the existing members at a regular meeting.

Standing committees are: Finance Administration, Development & Fundraising, Facilities & Grounds, Academic Affairs, Publicity, and Spiritual, each of which shall be chaired by a Board member.  Every Board member is a member of the Finance Committee.

Members 2017-2018

Colonel Mike Hardesty


Mr. Thomas Clines, IV

Mr. Larry Rogers

Mr. Gary Walls

Mrs. Nancy W. Singler


Mr. Tim Crawford

Facilities and Grounds

Mrs. Jennifer Van Dy

Mrs. Lori Wolf


Mrs. Lillian Oliver


Mr. Robert H. Downs

Mr. Ferenc Vegh

Ex-Officio Board Members

Fr. Ed Gorman

Spiritual Advisor

Mrs. Kathy Fehder

Principal/Academic Affairs