Corpus Christi
Classical Academy

Mission, Vision, Philosophy


In partnership with parents, and guided by the Gospel and the Magisterium of the Catholic Church, we educate students in the classical Christian tradition. An education of the highest quality is administered by qualified teachers in a loving, faith-filled environment. Its aim is to train students to grow in wisdom and virtue rooted in the truths of the Faith, to better enable them to use their gifts in the service of the Church and the community.


To form strong moral leaders through a classical education in the Catholic tradition

Philosophy of Education

Recognizing that there is an inseparable link between truth and faith, that both are integral aspects of education, it is the aim of Corpus Christi Classical Academy, to impart knowledge and encourage rational thought in pursuit of truth, beauty and goodness, to equip each child, in accordance with his/her particular gifts and skills, with knowledge and the tools of learning. As Pope Benedict XVI has said, “No child should be denied his or her right to an education in faith, which in turn nurtures the soul of the nation.”